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Reviews and Endorsements 


Sarah put my mind at ease by answering all my questions with compassion and kindness. She was able to help me on my breastfeeding journey, with all her knowledge and expertise. I felt so much better about the challenges I was facing after speaking things through with her. Thank you Sarah!


Following a difficult birth and a NICU stay Sarah helped me establish an easy to follow feeding plan for our daunting first days/ weeks at home. Because of her expert knowledge I am now feeding my son with confidence and we are both thriving. Thank you Sarah your help has been invaluable.


Sarah changed my breast feeding experience completely. I was really struggling and about to give up when I spoke with Sarah and with a few helpful tips I am now enjoying the gift of being able to breast feed my new baby. Sarah was so easy to talk to , very understanding and reassuring. Her motivation helped me get through a rough few days and has changed my experience significantly.

Thank you Sarah


My baby Girl was not gaining enough weight and Sarah was able to talk with me to go over her weight chart and quickly determine what the problem might be and gave me her tips recommendations. Two weeks later after following her advice, baby girl is back on track.


I sure wish I had found Sarah earlier! I had so many things stacked against me to not be able to breastfeed after my little girl arrived, but Sarah walked me through each and every one of them. She was there to support and encourage me 100% no matter how overwhelming it all felt. After a lengthy three month journey we finally arrived at the day I had been hoping and waiting for, I was able to exclusively breastfeed, It was an amazing feeling and it absolutely would not have happened without Sarah's unwavering support. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 


Sarah is awesome! She helped me with nursing via a Zoom meeting (due to Covid) and it made a huge difference. She's very encouraging and supportive. 


Sarah was incredibly helpful and patient with me when I could NOT figure out my latch or why my baby wanted to feed for 1 hour/every hour (this still remains a mystery!). She made me feel completely normal and comfortable. 10 out of 10!


I'm glad that one of my midwife Sarah had finally started her private Pregnancy and Lactation Consultancy. I had a perfect care from her during my pregnancy and even after my delivery here in the Falkland Islands where she has been assigned before.

It was my first pregnancy and I admit that I'm scared as I don't have any other support apart from my partner. However, I'm so much blessed I had my lovely midwives especially Sarah who were my strength and support physically, mentally and emotionally during and after my pregnancy.

I had the best care during and after my delivery as she also visits me at home often to check how I get on with my recovery, giving tips and advices that helps my fast recovery as well as checking my beautiful little man.


Excellent midwife,very professional and supportive, felt very secure and she made me feel very comfortable during my painful 10 hour labor. In few words I totally recommend Sarah Dhillon!


Sarah has been an absolutely fantastic long-distance midwife. From a thorough prenatal class via Skype, to answering any questions before and after the birth of my son, to support and encouragement as I've navigated the joys & trials of breastfeeding, baby sleep/non-sleep habits and weaning. I always felt welcome to contact her and no question was ever too trivial. I would definitely recommend her!

Fiona (Endorsement)

I worked with Sarah in beacon care fertility clinic when she took the position of fertility nurse. Working in and going through fertility treatment can be an extremely stressful time for both staff and patients, Sarah took everything in her stride and really excelled in the role. We were very sad to see her leave! If the care she takes in her lactation consultancy post is anything compared to the care she took with patients who were just starting their journey then I'm positive they are in good hands!

Sarah Dhillon
Lactation Consultant

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