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Breastfeeding and Breast Size


A few words on breastfeeding and breast size:

Breasts come in all different shapes and sizes and everyone has the capability to produce milk (except in very very rare circumstances). Love what you have and have faith in them!

Larger breasts may have the capacity store more milk and hence baby may only feed from one breast per feeding. Small breasts may not store as much as a larger breast so the baby may feed from both breasts per feed. Fat is laid down on top of the breast tissue so breast size again is not a good indicator of the amount of breast tissue someone has. Prenatally look for these signs that your breast is getting ready for their main job of producing precious milk for your baby:

- Breast & nipple tenderness

- Breast growth

- Nipple and areola darken in colour

- Pronounced Montgomery's tubercles (those little bumps on the areola)

- Colostrum may leak from the breast in the final few weeks before baby arrives

Not everyone experiences all of these and not everyone experiences them to the same degree. We are all different!

If you have any concerns, get your questions answered by contacting your lactation consultant, midwife or physician.

*the image attached is not mine and from an unknown artist

Sarah Dhillon
Lactation Consultant

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