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Down Syndrome Awareness Week

Nov 1-7th is Canadian Down Syndrome Week. Go to the Canadian Down Syndrome website for information and resources. Their annual conference is held this year in Banff from May 19th -21st 2017.

They have some beautiful shared stories on the website. Here is an excerpt from one:

"A moment that really changed things for me was when Pip had her first surgery at five weeks old (she is one of the ones who has numerous complications associated with Down syndrome; congenital cataracts, congenital heart defects, hypotonia, hypothyroid). I had only written about Down syndrome on Happy Soul Project. So on this fated day I was down in the hospital gift shop and an older lady behind the counter asked why I was there. I explained Pip’s surgery and added, “and she has Down syndrome.” It was as if by finally saying it out loud, I had accepted it. The lady dropped everything, came around the counter, grabbed my shoulders, looked intently in my eyes and said “You are so lucky”, to which of course, I thought she was crazy. Here I was scared to say it out loud, unsure of how to tell people, almost embarrassed because of it, and she was telling me I was lucky. She went on to explain through genuine tears that she had a brother with Down syndrome and it was the absolute best thing in her life. It made her who she was and kept her entire family together. He was the joy the world needed and that I was so lucky to have that."

Click on the link below to go to the website:

Sarah Dhillon
Lactation Consultant

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