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With a population of 1.13 million Saskatchewan only has 16 funded midwifery positions only 4 of which are rural. From speaking to midwives and women in Saskatchewan, there are not nearly enough midwives available to support the women seeking midwifery care. See how you can help to spread the word and hopefully we can get more funding for Saskatchewan midwives in the future.I have taken the following from the Midwives Association of Saskatchewan website:

"Here are a few suggestions you might undertake to show your support:

SHARE YOUR BIRTH STORIES. Even if you haven’t had a midwife care for you personally you can spread the word that midwifery is publicly funded, safe, professional and family centered CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MLA. Let them know you want midwifery available in your region. Find your MLA CONTACT BOARD MEMBERS in your health region and ask for midwifery services. CONTACT the MINISTER of HEALTH and let them know you want midwifery expanded in Saskatchewan CONTACT the OPPOSITION HEALTH CRITIC with your concerns and ideas. CONTACT your LOCAL NEWSPAPERS through an interview or letter to the editor. You may find others in your community who would also like to have midwifery services available to them. WRITE LETTERS to the political contacts listed above. We have provided a sample letter format if you need some ideas. Tell two people, and have them tell two people and so on. Soon everyone in Saskatchewan will know about midwives!"

Sarah Dhillon
Lactation Consultant

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