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Supportive and Non-Judgmental Care

One of the most important aspects of my care is providing non-judgmental breastfeeding care and support. Infant feeding practices have become even more diverse in the last decade, with more options available to suit more lifestyles and work practices. Too often there are harsh judgements made on pregnancy, birth and feeding preferences which can impact a woman's self esteem and motherhood experiences. I like this info graphic which highlights the cultural diversity of breastfeeding mothers. It says we should support each others breastfeeding goals and respect each other's values and preferences. We know breast milk is best for baby, but sometimes it's not as easy as that. Situations and preferences may call for alternative feeding practices and you must feel safe to access care and professionals who support your decisions. When you ask me for support or care for infant feeding, know that you will receive non-judgmental support regardless of your choices.

If you are exclusively breastfeeding - you will be supported

If you are exclusively pumping - you will be supported

If you are feeding by donor milk - you will be supported

If you are combine feeding with formula - you will be supported

If you want to wean from breast to formula - you will be supported

If you want to chest feed - you will be supported

No matter your gender, religion, cultural background or infant feeding preferences - you will be supported

You will always be supported.

Sarah Dhillon


Irish Registered Midwife

Sarah Dhillon
Lactation Consultant

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